Wolf lady

Last night got to meet my all time favourite author, Jodi Picoult.  She is in SA on a book tour promoting her latest work, Lone Wolf.  I have read every book she ever wrote and like every avid fan of hers knew that when My Sister's Keeper was filmed, the director or producer deemed it fit to change the ending.  Last night on stage we learnt of her anger towards her work being changed like that without even the courtesy of telling her. 

BFF and I were together at the book event and needed a memory jolt as to how the book ended ..... so I am going to haul mine out to double check. 

Jodi is everything I had imagined ..... she leapt up onto the stage dressed in a black top and a silver blue knee length net tutu which she had seen in a shop in Sandton, loved, decided she had to own, did not know where one wears a tutu .... so she wore it to the YOU book event.  Long hair in beautiful squiggles, vibrant eyes, she drew us into her world in such a way that the 45 minutes she addressed us went past in a blur. 

Myself and 2 other ladies joined her on the stage where she taught us 3 different wolf calls which we did, much to the amusement of the audience.  Doing research for her book she spent time with a man who lives with a wolf pack.  She taught us fascinating things about hierarchy in such a pack and the howls were certainly a highlight for me.  I never thought I would ever get the joy of meeting her in person, never mind howling with her on stage.  

She signed my copy of Lone Wolf, we had pics taken and I realised once again that my dream to one day be able to write, must always remain in my focus.  Not a bestselling tour the whole world kind of writer (I wish) but the kind of writing that keeps people following and interested. 

Her next book is due out this year and I will be right in front of the queue when it is released. 

Till next time ...c'est la vie 

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