Tuesday, 2 April 2013

my little slice of heaven

So I been wondering how many people really love their jobs?  Or how many just go to their job every day, because it is what they must do, where they must do it and have been doing it for so long they see no other area to work their talents in. 

It took me until I was almost 43 to find my perfect job.  And don't be mistaken ..... I am not saying that the jobs before that were not exciting, well paid, boring, frustrating, interesting, social, annoying, well travelled, learning curves etc etc, I am simply saying that when I walked into my current job, it felt like I had "come home" in many ways.  

This job is nothing like I ever in my life imagined where I would end up.  With my qualification firmly entrenched in Public Relations and Journalism, will extensive PR experience and being a deft hand at media relations, press releases and anything requiring me to be out there and addressing people, having a career at a home for mentally disabled adults would probably not have made my ten year plan list, or twenty or thirty.  Even though I do, in my position there, still address media and speak to people all day every day sourcing funding, it is a market I would never have expected to enter. 

Yet karma and life and fate have other plans for us, and when the three of them conspired together for a number of reasons three, almost four years ago, they pushed me quite convincingly to this interview.  And despite the fact that I fell down a step and broke my foot whilst stopping for tea en route as I was early, I hobbled through the interview, got the job and arrived for my first day 4 days later at the beginning of the month, on crutches wearing a moonboot.  It was hard to say who look most surprised on the day. 

Since then my job is in my heart and my soul.  I miss my office when I am on leave, I wonder what the ladies and gents we take care of are doing .... and I wake up with a great sense of joy when I return ..... as I do tomorrow after 2 week's leave. 

Now how many people can say that in their mid 40's they changed direction completely and found their place.  Their job soulmate and the ability to feel such peace?  I am blessed indeed.
One of our beautiful ladies we take care of xxx

till next time
c'est la vie xxx

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