Sunday, 7 April 2013

Henrietta's woes

Now there are many honest Joe salesmen out there in the 2nd hand car market.  The guy who sold my Henrietta Hyundai to me was not one of them.
After giving my dad the sales pitch and my dad even being able to speak to the previous owner of the car who had sold the car to this dealership ... The price was negotiated and settled in full.  I wish I had a mechanic of my own who checked it out before I signed the paperwork.  The niggles were pointed out to them ... They sorted it .... Car was washed and polished and off I drove SO EXCITED. 18km from the dealership the car broke down.  They drove to assist me .... Told me I had activated the anti hijack.  I hadn't ... The cambelt had broken.  Weird coz in the service book it said it was replaced 3000 km before .... But when the garage stamped the book ... Cambelt replaced was written above the stamp in pen?  Weird.  So they fix it at their cost as well as the faulty oil sender unit and work on pistons etc.  I wait a month.  They develop serious attitude. Mine is worse.

They register the car .... When i sign insurance forms I notice year on reg form is 2005.  I tell dad I positive I was sold car as 2006 model.  I check ... And am right.  They deny saying that.  I produce the swing sign they hung in the car which I had kept as a momento unknown to them ... They clearly wrote there 2006 ... They suddenly recover from amnesia.  It takes a lawyer to convince them to refund me the difference in book value between two models.

Since then I found out recently they did not repair the anti-hijack as promised.  Or the visor. The CD eject packed up two months after buying the car.  Six months later I had to buy a second hand power steering pump and have all the belts done costing thousands.  Tonight my power steering belt snapped and came off ... This will be the third one I put on in 2 years.  The spark plugs shot off 3 times.  Apparently they were not threaded properly ... Had to have it done myself.  The idiot put on a helicoil ... Now plug cannot come out unless head removed .... WTH.   It is burning oil.  Now tonight I also develop a tappet noise .... Mechanic says it is a hydraulic problem so head must come off ... At least they can fix helicoil thing now (silver lining hehe) ..... but I ask you .... All this in a car with a supposed perfect history .... All this in 22  months .... and now the car place closed down ....... But I love this car so much .....

But the wheel turns baby and one day Mr Slick Salesman... it will turn for you .....

Till next time
C'est la vie xxxxx

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