Monday, 8 April 2013

Joy. Just that.

What makes you joyful?  I have been thinking about it quite a bit the past few days ..... it is not complicated and the answer is not winning the entire Lottery, having all your debt paid off, winning a car or having eternal youth (although all the abovementioned would not hurt either right now).  Especially the car!!

For me .... it's the little things ..... and they seem to be growing in abundance for me lately..... or maybe it is just that the harder life pushes you, the more aware you become of these things ..... 

You know that song from The Sound of Music ..... Favourite Things? (OK those of you frowning now and going ...... uuuuh No? are way too young for this blog) .... a whole lot of favourites come to mind now so if you live in Pretoria then you simply have to ...

  • Go to Bella Sophia Culinary Cafe at the end of Chamberlain Str in Riviera .... it is run by a former Masterchef SA finalist and makes the best cappuccinos I currently find in Pta (and trust me I drink enough of them a day all over Pta to make a judgement call here) as well as ridiculously good cheesecake and then of course the gorgonzola and other toppings on ciabatta and the burgers ... and .... and .... everything is plated so beautifully, the staff are delightful and it is a must visit!! My coffee card works overtime here. 
  • Get yourself a subscription to Good Housekeeping SA .... this is not a DIY mag, it is an all in one read about everything from great simple recipes to tips to clothes to success to parenting to this to that.  Just buy one .... you will be hooked ... I promise.  I was fortunate enough to be a guest at the launch of the SA edition just over a year ago ..... and I assure you the very joyful Editor, Sally, is obviously leading happy staff to produce such a great read!  Full of tips and info and now I even know that you can put Lavender Essential Oil, that you buy at Clicks or wherever, on your dog's neck and tail base to get rid of fleas .... hah!  GH has millions of readers worldwide in their own editions .... they must be doing something right. 
  • Go bowling.  Yes bowling with skittles and neon lights and that other light that makes white clothing shine.... no excuses about nails or other such stuff.  The Kolonnade one is still the nicest to me and there is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get some laughter in the family.  You no longer are compelled to wear other people's sweaty loan shoes as in the past, you may now play in your socks (thank heavens) and you should go do it if you have not bowled for a while.  They have a fantastic deal which gives you 2 games and you also get a burger, fries and drink from Maxis next door.  It's a lekker outing.  And boy are us Humans competitive at this bowling thing ...... you thought I was a nice lady ......
  • Go and look at the 2nd hand books on sale outside the Superspar in Queenswood (Soutpansberg Rd - cnr Gordon) on Sundays.  A retired couple run the little stall made up of wooden tables and selling seemingly only the popular titles.  They are very sweet, very helpful and in addition to taking my books to my beloved Irene Homes Charity Shop (massive book selection come and see), I am also dropping off at this couple regularly to help their sales as my books are as new.  Go look .... you can even pop into Wimpy next door for a Streaky Bacon breakfast R20.  

And then I get joy from the even more simpler things ..... playing Fifa 13 with Nic on Xbox .... we play on the same team because I don't want to get beaten 300-0 but I must add that what I do sometimes has my son pausing the game and saying "really mom???" whilst laughing endlessly.  And yes Nic I am trying to unlearn the habit of running into the goalpost.  Really.  And the joy of watching Jess' face when we bite into something that those masterful hands of hers have created for our plates and we just melt because it is so damn good!!

Bella Sophia Culinary Cafe .... the beautiful cappuccinos Elm and I had 

Go out and find your joys ...... they are so worth it. 

till next time,
c'est la vie xxxx 

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