Matric. Mom. and those apron strings

I wrote it just for my girl  ...

"The heart song every mother dreads to sing,
When her child races through her last school year.
You remember every detail on the day it was to begin
Gr 0 ..... it was quite a scare. 

The years fly by, each with their memories,
The ups and downs, the sadness and joy
Each new year demanding new energies
You remember the first read word,
And the first noticed boy.

You live through exams, tests and stress
You live through their hard work and dedication
Sometimes what they want is anyone's guess
But the studying proves the value of education

You give guidance in what they want to be
You praise their choices and their skill
You know your job will always be to oversee
That they reach that dream with an iron will 

And so as the year races by
And you wish you could slow it so
You know God is watching from up high
But someday moms ... we have to let go"

Much love to you Jess, you make us so proud

Till next time
c'est la vie xxx

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