Lost at my own address

So about 2 years ago I buy a car.  I sign the registration forms, fill in my address ... which I know I did correctly .... after all I live there .... and they register it for me. 

Now last year when I have to renew my car licence I pop into the friendly GPO and they pop the form right back in my hand .."your car is registered in Jhb", she says.  Now since I was born and bred in Pretoria and have lived here my entire life, I am pretty sure I live in Pta.  So I tell her.  "Nope", she says, "your car is registered to the correct address where you live, but whoever inputted it said Jhb and so you can only renew your licence in JHB". 

So I did, whilst seeing a client there.  Now the renewal has rolled around again and I go to Jhb nowadays by Gautrain, so getting to the GPO or Postnet is now a pain.  So I go to the licence department to do a change of address.  Except that I am the only person doing a change of address who has not actually changed my address. 

I dutifully fill in the form, feeling like an idiot, since my previous address and my new address are now the same.  

The lady behind the counter, chewing a sandwich it appears, and with the attitude of a pitbull, looks up at me and snarls "why you no move?".  I explain.  She tells me the computer cannot change the address if there is no change.  I ask why I get a licence renewal to my postal address IN PRETORIA but cannot register my car.  She shrugs (either that or she was choking on aforementioned sandwich).  I look at her.  She looks at me.  I wait for a suggestion to be forthcoming.  It was a long wait.  I leave. I now still get my licence renewal in Pretoria.  My renewal says Pretoria.  But the computer says Jhb. Hmpff!  I swear if I get stopped by a cop .......

Tequila anyone?

till next time
c'est la vie 

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