jack frost starts nipping

now there are a number of reasons that the rapidly changing weather is bothering me. 

(1) I hate wearing a lot of stuff.  Mainly because during the day it gets warmer and I will remove my jersey or scarf or whatever and that means that I will lose it.  I promise that when I get home I will have to wonder where I put it down. 
(2) I want to wear peeptoes and sandals with kickass heels.  All year round.  Yes there are boots and all kinds of other heel stuff  for winter.... but it is not the same.  And please don't suggest stockings and peeptoes.  I am not using the same stylist as Jack Parow.  The only thing I love in the winter ... my AllStars.
(3) Food.  It passes faster from table, shop counter, deli fridges, to mouth than in the summer.  Coffee consumption also goes up rapidly and in my case that could be fatal.  No seriously.  It could. 
(4) Getting up in the cold .... I hate it.  Getting out of the shower in the cold.  I hate it.  Last night settled myself into a 1m deep foam bath and ended up staying there for 2 hours reading my book, just topping up the warm water now and then.  The fun ended when I got out at 1030pm ..... aaaaaaagh freeze. 
(5) The side of the sports field ...... in the week it is still ok-ish, but man that wind when you are next to the hockey and soccer field.  And somehow Saturday mornings are always freezing when Nic plays.  So naturally hot chocolate consumption goes up.  And I have to wear so much stuff to stay warm that if I should fall over I will roll alongside the pitch. 
(6) Jeans.  In winter your jeans always remind you of the reason you swore you would lose weight before the winter came.  I just ignore the voices in my head. 

So as we move into the first cold snap of the winter I will have a hot choc in one hand, a cappuccino in the other, my jeans button loose and my scarf stapled to my ears so that I don't lose sight of it. 

till next time, much love
c'est la vie xxxx 

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