service with a smile

Now normally one would want to blog about bad service, but I realised today that sometimes we become so used to it that it becomes more of an achievement to blog about good service. 

Now the Spar supermarket in Waterkloof Corner ... they get it, so do Piza e Vino in the same centre as do Isabella's ... also same centre.  Very conveniently situated directly opposite Nic's club training field, it is the perfect place to while away 90 mins .... enough time for 2 delicious cappuccinos @ aforementioned Italian place and sometimes Jess and I even share a foccacia.  They understand sounding happy that you are choosing them when there are 3 other places opposite them, they probably recognize me as the lady who forgot her purse at home and realised after the bill came (see a few blogs back).  Isabella's is always my takeaway spot on Saturdays when it is a home match.  Their cappuccino is hot and they ask if they can put the sugar in, their cheesecake goes in a pretty pink box .... the cake has rose petals and sifted castor sugar on and they ask if you need takeaway cutlery.  All with a smile.  And a sense of loving their jobs.  Service, Service, Service.  Today at Spar the cashier looked at one of the items I put down, pulled a pamphlet closer and showed me that I good get a bigger quantity for a lesser amount on their promotion and showed me which aisle to go to ... service and more service.  

And then there are those that just don't get it.  Like the professional security in the parking at Montana Hospital.  The parking is now opposite the hospital and someone had left the Staff parking gate open which meant the Staff Only sign was obscured.  So me and about a dozen other cars parked on that side.  When we had already crossed the road the parking ogre asked who I thought was going to let me out afterwards?  When he explained that I cannot park there ... if one could call shouting at me, "explaining" ... I did ask why they did not put up a damn clear sign .... he muttered something .... did not sound like "please visit again".   We regularly also find the supermarket cashiers who as Nic says, "really love their job hey mom"  with the necessary sarcasm. 

Abreu's in Wonderboom Junction also get the service thing.  I think me and the BFF are currently on our 7th coffee card (no Fr C I am not joking) .... ok maybe because the staff know us so well ... but they give great service ... and those custard thingies. 

When I go to work, I also have good days and bad days, tired days and energetic ones, but I never take it to work, I am always friendly, full of beans and keen as hell.  Why?  It is called a salary ... and I think one should be grateful and behave in a certain way.  Maybe it is just my nature, because it is not the salary that drives my personality.  It is called respect for those I work for. 

So all of those out there that feel sullen faces when giving service is ok, it's not.  You have a job, maybe not a great one, maybe it is, but you have it.  So chin up, look your customer and your boss in the eye and remind them why they hired you. 

till next time
c'est la vie xx

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