You call it Monday, I call it Chaos

How many of you have seen that movie with John Candy called "Plains, Trains and Automobiles"?  Well I saw it several times and I still laugh every time.  Briefly it is about 2 guys trying to get home from a business trip and everything with their transport modes goes wrong and they end up using every transport method known just to get home. 

The reason I find it so funny at present is because tomorrow I am going to go to work and then from work to Sandton and then back to my kid's school CBC and then from there I am going home.  And to do that, since I have no car, I am going to use no less than 5 modes of transport.  In one day.  Now I find that amusing, exciting, challenging and pretty annoying all rolled into one, since I actually own a car, a fully paid for car .... albeit a non-driveable car at present. 

So to get my butt to office my day will start with a drive at 6am with hubby and kids and he will drop me off at the Hatfield Gautrain station en route to drop the kids at school, keeping in mind that he has to be in his Witbank office, 107.5 kms away, at 8am.  From there I will take the Gautrain to Centurion where I will make enquiries about their bus which I know can drop me within 1 and a bit km of my office.  Then I am going to convince a colleague to jump in their car and fetch me and take me to office (Jess was horrified when I told her I will walk the 1.2km lugging my work bag and other stuff ..... mom is there not one colleague out of all of them that could do you a favour?) there are .... and I starting with a call to you dear Lezette :)

Then at lunchtime-ish I am going to get a lift to the Gautrain station in Centurion (come on colleagues ... help a girl out) and take the train to Sandton so I can walk to Sandton City Adidas and exchange my son's soccer boots now that the fight with Adidas has been won ... every cloud has a silver lining.. then walk back to Sandton station (I will have a cappuccino before I do to stop myself from buying a small bottle of vodka for my bag) and hop on train this time to Hatfield.  Now the Hatfield to CBC section is still under debate.  I said I would walk the 3 blocks to Church Str and then hop on one of the dozens of SA taxi's coming up there towards Silverton to get transported the 7 odd blocks to the school (cannot walk you may not walk on the main road by the Colbyn marshlands) .... Jess and Nic nearly had a fit!!!!  I think I will be safe.  They refuse to discuss it.  So the other option is to get a taxi from Rixi at who knows what flippen price.  This part of the trip is still open to debate.  I will get my own way.  These are my legs and feet and my walk.  Then I will wait for Nic and Jess for 15 mins to finish sport and dear Joanne, she of the Kia and lots of kindness will give us all a lift home.  

So I will have train, bus, lift in car, train, walk, mall, walk, train, walk, TAXI, lift in car.  5 modes .... 

Who the hell can say that my life is not full of variety and fun!!  And who can question my brilliant organising skills :)?

Now Henrietta Hyundai ...... can you just pull yourself together please!!  Because the above is going to go on all week. 

till next time ......I may have been in a plane by then, 

much love
c'est la vie 

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